Monday, 29 October 2012

Several Good Tips on How to Wear Sarong

Not sure how to wear a sarong? We are here to help you.
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A sarong is great for the beach when you want to cover yourself up over your bikini. However sarongs are not just for the beach. They can be used as fashion clothing too for a casual lunch date. There are many ways of wearing a sarong which will give you a different look. The best thing about sarongs is that they are incredibly versatile and can be tied in a number of ways. Sarongs are comfortable and fun, and when worn the right way, you can make a dramatic fashion statement.

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To get a sexy mini skirt look with your sarong, you can first fold the rectangular sarong fabric twice or thrice until you have the desired width. Then wrap it low around your waist and secure it with a colorful sarong pin. A sarong with fringes is the best way to create this look. It will provide you with some great cover-up and you will still be able to show off your legs.
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It is possible to use a sarong as a shirt. To wear a sarong as a shirt, then just follow the directions given below. First hold the sarong in front of you and then tie the two ends of the sarong at the back of your neck. Wrap the sarong over your body and pull the other two ends at the back and secure with a sarong pin or a belt.
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There are so many different ways to wear a sarong as summer dresses that you will be literally spoiled for choice. The best way to wear a sarong as a dress is to hold the sarong behind your back and then bring the two ends of the sarong in front of your body, under your arms. Wrap the ends around your chest in such a way that the ends are crisscrossed. Wrapping the sarong tightly against your body, tie the ends at your neck in a halter style.

These were some ways of wearing a sarong. Sarongs come in different colors, patterns and designs and you can choose one that will flatter your body structure. Now that you know how to wear a sarong, you can wear it for a beach party. I am sure that you will get a lot of compliments for your sarong.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Some Important Point You Need to Know about Tap Pants

Tap pants are women's garment resembling shorts, only with slits which run up the leg instead of solid legs.
Boudoir Camisole Tap Pant Brulee Images
The name comes from the adoption of tap pants by tap dancers, who usually wore them to practices. The slit leg design allowed the dancers to move freely while they worked out and explored new routines. Runners and other athletes picked up the design as well. In addition to providing freedom of movement combined with coverage of the pelvic area, tap pants also provide more ventilation than typical shorts do, since they are open along the side.

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When marketed for athletic wear, tap pants are often called side cut shorts. They are usually made from cotton and similar breathable fibers, and are designed to be washed in machine for ease of care. Athletes can wear tap pants alone, or wear underwear underneath, depending on design and personal taste. The tap pants are also designed to be stretchy, further enhancing mobility in them, and they can be worn with variety of upper garments.
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They can also be worn as undergarments, usually with full skirts and dresses. The slimmer lines of most 20th century fashion led to decline in the use of tap pants as undergarments, and an increasing use of tap pants as lingerie items designed for use in the bedroom. As undergarments, however, tap pants are very loose and comfortable, for women who wear styles which can accommodate them. As lingerie, tap pants are made from variety of textiles, but tend to be silky and revealing.
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Some women use tap pants as leisurewear, pulling pair on over swimsuit, for example, to provide modesty when out of the pool. They are also comfortable for lounging around the house, although some fashion forward women have been known to wear tap pants in more formal environments. Such wear usually requires excellent physical condition, since most of the leg is on display.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sexy Skirtini Swimsuits To Look Stunning Without Exposing Too Much

If you are looking for a modest yet fashionable piece of swimwear, then look no further than skirtini.
white juicy couture beach ruffle skirtini
Swimwear that allows you to look your best, without having to don a two piece that makes you not only uncomfortable, but also doubt your appearance, skirtini swimsuits make for the perfect swimwear for women. Skirtini swimsuit makes a bathing suit by combining a skirt with a brief bottom, therefore helping you camouflage any issues that you have with exposing your legs. The brief bottom that is attached to the skirt of skirtini bathing suits allows you freedom during movement and also provides extreme comfort.

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Skirtini is often heralded because of the very feminine and flirtatious look of the swimsuit. It is one of the most flattering swimsuits that you can opt for, as it works by accentuating the curves of a woman. These bathing suits are extremely cute, especially if you opt for designs like a halter skirtini. These swimsuits can be ideal for a pool party, and the best part is you do not need to carry a sarong or a towel to cover yourself up every time you are out of the pool.
Liz Claiborne Dottie Twist Front Skirtini Swimsuit Design
For a woman who is on the heavier side, it can be quite embarrassing or discomforting to wear a two piece swimsuit or even one of those fashionable one piece swimsuits that sometimes tend to draw attention to problem areas in the worst possible way. For such women, plus size skirtini swimsuits can be like a messiah from above. If you are on the lookout for skirtini swimsuits, there are many options that you can try out.
Ginja Ziggy 50's Skirtini Swimsuit Lillac Models
If you are looking for variety in terms of design and prints, then it may be best to look online. You will find skirtini swimsuit in every possible design and cut that you can imagine, from floral prints, to checks, to stripes, and even graffiti prints. While personally we are of the opinion that rich solid colors work best, you can choose to experiment with the types of prints available.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Pros and Cons from Organic Underwear

Organic underwear is usually derived from organic cotton. Some types of natural underwear are also made out of organic bamboo.
bamboo charcoal underwear
There are different types of underwear in the eco-friendly market. Organic cotton is the leading material source, followed by bamboo and hemp. All of these plants are grown organically, meaning that chemicals and pesticides are not used during production. Also absent from organic underwear are chemical bleaches and dyes that are often used to add color to traditional underwear.

Sexy Organic Bamboo Underwear
The absence of chemicals in clothing like underwear is purportedly just as beneficial as avoiding them in foods. Many consumers opt for organic foods in an effort to decrease the amount of chemicals in their bodies. At the same time, some of these shoppers fail to limit the amount of chemical-based products placed against their bodies, including clothing. Eco-friendly clothing producers often claim that traditional types of underwear can be harmful to the body in the long-run, since they are laden with chemical dyes.
Organic Bamboo Underwear
Reducing the amount of traditional underwear purchases decreases the demand for them on the market. In turn, there are less chemicals being used in the clothing industry. It is thought that reduced amounts of herbicides and pesticides are used to treat cotton, bamboo, and hemp if there is a decreased demand for traditional underwear. As a result, there may be fewer chemicals released into the environment.
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There are many benefits to choosing organic underwear, but there are a few downsides as well. The primary complaint that consumers have is over the cost of these types of underwear. Just like organic foods, eco-friendly underwear is more expensive than other products that are not organic. This is due to the fact that the clothing is not mass-produced, requiring more labor and tools.
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A few companies who manufacture organic underwear might mislead consumers. Some products are labeled as organic, when, in fact, only a portion of the product is derived from organic materials. Materials, such as cotton, might be grown organically, but then treated with chemical dyes. Such a product may still be labeled as organic. For shoppers who want truly organic clothing, it is important to do research on the company and to read labels carefully.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Basic Guides when Shopping the Perfect Cropped Pants

Choosing cropped pants can be a challenge because the wrong pair can be extremely unflattering to your body type.
Hanes Signature Foldover Waist Women's Crop Pants
Focus on the fit of the pant, the length and the style to ensure that you do not end up looking shorter and bigger than you actually are. Other important decisions when picking cropped pants include the type of material they are made out of, where you will be wearing them, your shoe choice and the color of the fabric.

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Cropped pants should not be overly baggy, nor too tight, in order to look best on your body. The pants look optimal when they are fitted to show off your figure. When they are baggy, they can make you look unkempt and larger than you are, and when they are too tight, they can squeeze parts of your body that do not need to be squeezed. The length of cropped pants is also an important consideration. To be most flattering, they should come to right below the thickest part of your calf. If they cut across the thickest part, they can make your legs look bigger and stumper than they really are.
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Cropped pants come in many types of materials, so choose one that works best for the places you will be wearing the pants. Thicker materials such as wool are business-appropriate while denim works better in casual settings. Add some color to your wardrobe with a bright pair of pants in any material. Darker colors tend to be more slimming than lighter ones, but both work in a variety of settings.
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Consider the shoes that you will be wearing with the pants. Heels help elongate the legs, which works well due to the shortening effect that cropped pants can have. If you do not want to wear heels, choose a flat shoe that is causal, but still fashionable, such as ballet flats, for a put-together look. Wearing sneakers can make your body look squat and should be avoided when possible.