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Different Techniques Wear Scarf To Help You In Changing Your Look

Scarves are an accessory that can add what is missing in your outfit. There are so many different ways to wear a scarf for men and women, which goes on to prove that the simplest attire can be turned into a sensational one!
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Scarves have been a fashion accessory since time immemorial. They have the ability to transform your look from urban to retro and vice versa. It is the way you wear your scarf that makes all the difference. With so many different ways to wear a scarf, you can try out a new look every day and not get bored. The soft warm cashmere scarves to knit woolen scarves or silky scarves, this single accessory adds color on the blue winter days. Since scarves are a part of both formal and informal dressing, different scarf tying techniques will help you in changing your look every now and then.

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Silk Scarf
The most traditional way to wear a scarf is around your neck. However, a silk scarf comes with little more than just fabric. It's the fall of the silken fabric that can be used to make it look super glamorous. Knot the scarf at one side of your neck and wear it like a choker. Wear a deep neckline with this to make the most of your scarf look. If it's a plain colored scarf, pin it up with a diamond or a bling brooch. Another way for wearing scarves is to wear it around your hair like a band. Tie the scarf at the nape of your neck and let the remaining fabric fall in front. These scarf tying instructions will prevent creases on your scarf.
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Cashmere Scarf
Winter and cashmere are synonymous. Besides the style, it is the soft fabric which provides warmth on the windy winter days. To make the most of it, a European loop is the way. To make this loop, fold the scarf in exactly half. Now drape it around your neck with both the ends hangings lose at one side. Put both the ends of the scarf through the loop on the other side and pull it. Tighten the knot till it reaches close to your neck to complete the effect.
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Hand Knit Scarf
These scarves are exceptionally warm due to their thick knit. A double ascot knot will retain the warmth and prevent the cold air from getting inside. Put the scarf around your neck with both the ends of it hanging on either side on your front body. Pull one side and take the longer one around the nape of your neck, bringing it once again to where it was. Now loop one end through the other making a knot with one side of the scarf falling exactly on the other. Adjust both the wraps so that the knot comes right at the center.

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