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Some Useful Guides When Shopping Slip Dresses

To choose the best slip dresses, you'll want to find one that fits correctly, showing the sexiness of your curves without being too clingy or too revealing.
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The slip dresses is type of dress that is designed to look very much like slip; it fits close to the body and includes narrow shoulder straps. Slip dresses come in range of lengths as well, although most tend to stop at the knee or higher. Slip dresses tend to be quite short, often ending at the knee or above. If you aren't very tall, shorter length is usually good choice; exposing more of the leg can enhance the illusion of length. For more formal occasions, such weddings, fitted, full-length slip dresses can be dramatic, sexy choice.

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When choosing slip dresses, keep in mind that they tend to be quite fitted at the top, with relatively thin shoulder straps. Slip dresses are designed to be sexy, so if you aren't comfortable showing that much skin, it might not be the best style for you. You'll want to choose bodice that covers your cleavage appropriately; if you have large chest, you may want to look for dress that has thicker straps, which can provide support and balance your look. Dresses with thin straps are often good choice for women with smaller chests.
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Since slip dresses are designed to look similar to slip undergarments, they are often made of sheer or silky materials, like silk or satin. These materials — and the design of the dress — can accentuate every curve of your body. If you are full-figured or simply aren't comfortable with the shape of your stomach or buttocks, this style of dress might not be good choice. When considering slip dresses, you'll want to consider looser designs and fabrics that flow over the body rather than cling to it.
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Although many slip dresses are designed to look specifically like the undergarments from which they get their name, many are available that offers little more coverage and more design options. Almost any color of fabric can be used, and — unlike most actual slips — patterned dresses are common. Dresses are also available that include basic solid color slip dresses topped with sheer tulle or gauzy overlay.
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