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The Best Tips to Help You Choose the Best Body Shaping Underwear

Body shaping underwear comes in many styles and shapes to cover and slim most of the common problem areas of the body.
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To find the best body shapers for you, think about which areas of your body you would like shaped by the underwear. If possible, go to a store to try on several different kinds of body shaping undergarments even if you plan on ultimately purchasing them online, just so you can check different brands for comfort of the material, durability of construction, and a reliable, comfortable fit. Also look for soft, breathable fabrics that will not be too hot or itchy, as sometimes the materials used in the construction of body shaping underwear can become uncomfortable during the summer or in other hot, humid environments.

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The most common areas addressed by body shaping underwear are the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs. Several body shapers are made to also cover the calves or upper arms, and others have built in bras for extra lift, support, or minimization of the breasts. Try to find a dressing room with a full-length mirror on all sides so you can be sure the garment is adequately concealing any problem areas on your back, buttocks, or the back of your thighs.
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Some types of body shaping underwear contain cellulite-reducing technology in the materials. These tend to be more expensive than the regular body shapers without cellulite reduction, and they may or may not have a noticeable effect over time. The majority of body shaping undergarments address cellulite temporarily by simply compressing the problem area and smoothing the entire silhouette, including lumps caused by cellulite.
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It is best to try on several different styles to find body shaping underwear that will not bunch or roll with movement, as this can be not only annoying but very uncomfortable after a long period of wear. The bunched or rolled fabric also ruins the sleek silhouette the body shaping underwear was trying to provide in the first place.
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