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Excellent Tips to Help You Choose the Best Hairstyle for Homecoming

The best hairstyle for homecoming depends on the shape of your face, your hair texture, your body type, and the style of your gown. Take these elements into consideration as you select a hairstyle that will bring out your best features without clashing with your gown.
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The shape of your face is important in choosing a hairstyle for homecoming. If your facial structure is narrow, consider curls and wisps surrounding your face, regardless of whether you wear it up or down. Less-flattering styles for this face shape tend to be those high on the crown of the head, pulled straight back from the face, or hanging down straight on either side of the face. Should you have a round face, consider an up-do, with some volume on the crown of your head. With an oval face, there are no hard-and-fast guidelines; you have only to consider the other factors.

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Your choice of hairstyle for homecoming also involves your hair texture. You might iron naturally straight hair to emphasize its smoothness and apply hair care products to increase its shine. Consider wearing long, straight hair down and loose for best effect, with the possible addition of hair clips or thin braids at the sides. Curly hair can be shown off by using hair care products that will hydrate the curls and keep them full and firm, whether you wear them up or down. Wavy hair is perhaps the most flexible, not requiring too much time or effort to straighten or curl.
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Take your body type into consideration when choosing your hairstyle for homecoming. If you have a straight figure, with no clear definition from bust to hips, select a more dramatic hairstyle with big curls. With a pear-shaped body type, think about a full hairstyle that draws attention to the upper part of your body. For an hourglass figure, aim for smooth, sophisticated hairstyles to go well with your classic body type. Should you have a round figure, select an angular or asymmetrical hair style to add sharpness or edginess to your look. An asymmetrical hairstyle involves having the hair cut unevenly, usually varying in length from side to side as well as per layer.
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Your gown is another important consideration when selecting a hairstyle for homecoming. A modern hairstyle such as an asymmetrical cut or a pageboy may not go well with an old-fashioned gown or one of classic style. Similarly, an elegant chignon may not be the best choice for edgy, modern dresses.

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