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The Different Types of Trendy Asymmetrical Haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts are cuts in which the hair is a different length on each side of the head.
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Some styles are subtle, with the hair only slightly longer one side, while other cuts can have a dramatic difference in length. Short, asymmetrical haircut styles may even have a third length in the back, or many different lengths throughout. Most cuts of this type can be classified as either bobs or layered cuts, with several variations possible in each general style.

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Bobs are types of asymmetrical haircuts in which the hair is cut straight, usually to a length somewhere between the jaw and shoulder. When these are cut asymmetrically, they are generally known for the smooth line of hair at an angle from one side of the head to the other. The short side can be as high as above the ear or it can start at the jaw, or lower. The edge of the hair then moves gradually downward as it goes around the head to the longest point on the opposite side of the face.
Asymmetric Haircut Women Hairstyles Ideas
A short bob hairstyle does not have to have a smooth edge, though many do. Layered bobs or modified bobs can be cut in a much looser style. The hair is cut in varying lengths or layers around the head, breaking up the edge. This haircut is often used to add more volume and the appearance of thicker hair. Wavy hair often does not hang properly in a bob, but layered asymmetrical haircuts in this style can work well with hair that is not straight and smooth.
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Regardless of whether bob-style asymmetrical haircuts are blunt or layered, the ends can be styled in a variety of ways. A razor cut can give the tips more texture by providing wispy points that can be pushed forward or even spiked. Another popular asymmetrical haircut style, particularly with layered and razor-cut looks, is close-cropped hair on the back of the head. This haircut works well when one side of the hair is very short.
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Pixie cuts, which are very short cuts, can also be asymmetrical with several variations in waves, ends, and styling to create different looks. Long hairstyles can be cut asymmetrically as well, in almost any length range. Another variation on these trendy hairstyles is asymmetrical bangs, which can be added to a standard cut or one that is uneven. Asymmetrical haircuts mostly are popular with women, but many men also wear uneven and dramatic looks.

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