Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to Wear Colored Skinny Jeans to Look Hot and Stylish

Wondering whether colored skinny jeans are for you or not? Read on to know how to wear colored skinny jeans to look hot and stylish.

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Skinny jeans are a hot favorite with women today. Although, these style of jeans sticks to the body and is extremely tight, making the wearer look shorter, yet, this has not deterred women from keeping at least one pair of skinny jeans in their wardrobe. These fashion must-haves accentuate the curves of a woman like no other outfit, by drawing attention to her thighs and butt! When it comes to wearing skinny jeans, even men are not far behind.

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As far as women's clothing is concerned, colored skinny jeans should always be paired with a loose fitting top, irrespective of whether a woman is thin or curvaceous. Tight skinny jeans should never ever be worn with a body hugging top. Secondly, the color of the top should be very light, something like white, off-white, gray, navy, brown, tan and beige. A light colored top worn over bright colored skinny jeans, gives a balanced look to the wearer.
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For women who are curvaceous, colored skinny jeans should be worn with a top which falls well below their hips. Colored skinny jeans for curvy women should be worn with tunic tops or drapes. As for the rest, dolman-sleeved tops or other free-flowing styles would look good. For women who have a figure to die for, tight tops with jackets, paired with colored skinny jeans, gives a very flattering, layered look.
As for the women's shoes, it has to be high heels. So whether a woman is wearing boots, pumps, sandals, wedges or platforms, they must have heels to add inches to her height, otherwise, colored skinny jeans can visually shorten her length. For women who are blessed with long and thin legs, flats would do! Again, the color of the footwear should be neutral and preferably, match that of the top.
Colored Skinny Jeans with High Hells
Since colored skinny jeans are so flashy, go slow with fashion accessories. A colored beaded necklace of the same color as jeans looks flattering with this piece of girl's clothing. Or, a beautiful scarf can be worn by the woman, which has the same color as of her pair of jeans. For jewelry, stick to only gold and silver.

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