Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Some Basics In Trendy Teen Clothing

Here’s how to jazz up those boring lectures in college. Use these basic tips for trendy teen clothing for a wardrobe with a difference.

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Worn long or short, skirts are a staple item in any fashion-conscious teen’s closet. Micro minis gave a huge ego boost to the gals who dared to be a little rebellious. Providing to be an instant way to get that date for the prom night, the less adventurous combined them with bright pink or basic black leggings and short tankers, so as not to be left behind. Apart from micros, the tube skirt is also a very basic item, which is figure hugging, and can have different looks as required.

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Jeans are actually the next skin for all teenyboppers. And when they are blue, they are a sure hit with the crowds. The best thing about a good pair of denims is that they need not always be crisp and new. An old pair has the entire attitude if it has a faded stonewashed look. Once you know your problem areas, you can take your pick from stretch, skinny leg jeans, boot cuts, baggy jeans (on the lines of a cargo), Capris etc.
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Ideal for both young gals as well as guys, jumpers can keep you warm on a chilly morning and can be worn over a tee or teamed with a shirt. Available in solid colors or patterns, jumpers offer a snug fit without really being uncomfortably tight. No prom night could ever be complete without that dream dress that would make you feel like a Princess, in search for her Prince Charming. A basic black dress would be a blessing in disguise when you have to go party hopping. If knee length, it looks great with jeans or leggings. For those having a few extra bucks, dresses can go beyond black in bold reds or naughty pinks.
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Trendy teen clothing has no limitations in terms of creativity. Do limit your expenditure though and be innovative without breaking into your piggy bank. This is the time when you can really experiment with different styles for different occasions- be it a field day at college a fun trip or even a rocking party. Keep your tastes simple, but aim for the best! 
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